Choc Curls & Summer Fruit

Choc Curls & Summer Fruit

Choc Curls & Summer Fruit

Choc Curls & Summer Fruit

Varrying fruits can be used, but soft fruits always look appealing,
The Bride and Groom and the Motorbike where supplied by the Couple for this cake, therefore these are not included in the price.

A slight separation was added here between the tiers here to give a little extra height.

3 Tiers

6 inch Top Tier
9 inch Middle Tier
12 inch Bottom Tier

Portions 140-160

£380.00 including Soft Fruits.

Not including Bride, Groom and Motorbike.
Not including silver stand.


Just to say a Huge Thankyou for such a wonderful cake it looked fantastic, and so many people commented on great it looked and how delicious it tasted,
We are looking forward to having one of the few remaining peices after dinner this evening......

Cakes are very much my thing, this being the reason we named all our tables after cakes,
and yours was really yummy, so much so I think I may go and have another peice now.....

Thank you so very much.